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Created by Peggy Shelden, an accomplished basket weaver and teacher, this site features the products of several basket weavers (see Bios).  Also you will find a link to all things related to the basket weaving community here.

Cherokee and other Southeast Indian rivercane double woven baskets are the oldest form of basketry in the Southeast. By varying the under/over interval, bias plaiting has been used to create other decorative structural patterns such as zigzags and diamonds. Before the Cherokee were removed, baskets were an integral part of the women's role in the tribe.

Weaving Cherokee basket twill patterns honors Ka no he lv hi, the old ways. Although the names of the designs (see examples here), Mountain Peaks, Peace Pipe, Flowing Water and Man in Coffin, are not ancient, the designs continue to conjure visions of ancient Cherokee culture. It is has been said baskets manifest joys, sorrows, dreams, ideals and longings for the beautiful.

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