Dana’s Awards and Activities

Dana featured artist

Dana was the featured artist in 2014.



As featured artist in the Red Fork Film Festival, Dana taught  and demonstrated her basket techniques.  


In April, 2015, Dana'squiver and wicker hat won Honorable Mention in the "Under the Oaks" show held yearly at the Five Civilized Tribes Museum, Muskogee, OK




A wicker hat

A wicker hat

Dana at the Five Tribes Museum

Dana won Honorable Mention for her honeysuckle quiver.


Basket exhibit at the Chickasaw Cultural Center

One of Dana's quivers was exhibited in 2014 at the Chickasaw Cultural Center, Sulfur, OK.








Wicker Plaited Quiver

Wicker Plaited Quiver


This awarded basket has wicker and plaited techniques.  Rattan and ash are woven over a hand cut leather mold.  The quiver was finished by adding x's with leather, and a leather handle which was woven in.

The quiver won 1st place 2015, at the Chickasaw Nation Artesian Show, Sulphur, OK, and 

2nd place, 2015, Red Earth Festival, Oklahoma City, OK


Dana's Quiver in Korean Museum

Dana’s Quiver in Korean Museum





The Pulzip Museum, South Korea, acquired several of her baskets.  A quiver was prominently displayed during the exhibit of Native American Art.




2010 Folklife Festival basket display

2010 Folklife Festival basket display


She participated for four years in the Oklahoma Folklfie Festival. She demonstrated weaving quivers and honeysuckle processing.






Dr. J.W. Wiggins, collection manager and curator for the Sequoyah National Research Center (SNRC)at University of Arkansas at Little Rock, acquired two quivers from Dana for this collection.  

0001pqQuiver in the collection


The Sequoyah National Research Center is home to over a 2400 piece Dr. J. W. Wiggins, Native American Art Collection. The Wiggins Gallery hosts art exhibitions drawn from the collection and is open to the general public.